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by John Bhatt


You will get all type of help related accessing our website and downloading or listening contents on our website.

All the songs are found over internet and I’ve only collected them here.


How to Listen:

We have placed an small sized flash player in every song. Just click on Play icon on flash player. You can pause, stop and adjust volume on our flash player.  Only you need is a browser that support JavaScript and Flash. If your do not have flash player in your system, get it from adobe.com.

You can directly listen your favorite song.

How to Download:

If you want to download the mp3 audio song and play it on your device, just click on the Songs name/ post name or click more near the flash player. You can find Download  link. If you are using Google Chrome you need to Right Click and Choose Save Link/Target As… option to save mp3s.

If you need more help or you want to give us suggestions, please drop us a comment or directly write me at [email protected] I will reply as soon as I receive.

Thanking You,

John Bhatt,

P.Yar.B Complex